The Flux: Agency

2007 - 2014


The Flux was a boutique creative agency I founded and ran in NYC. Projects ranged from websites and apps to video production and live events. Clients included Chanel,, The Future of Storytelling, Gust, The Feast Summit, Dr. Frank Lipman, the National Museum of the American Indian, Dubspot, Fonderie 47, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Below you will find some featured projects we worked on.



Chanel brought me in as a freelance creative director on behalf of The Flux. I worked with my team on experimental campaigns, promotional microsites, flagship store activations, video content, built internal tools for the creative department, and advised them on strategy.

Experiential Campaigns

We partnered with Second Story to create an interactive experience for the launch of the perfume Chanel Noir. It involved building out a free-standing pop-up room in Bloomingdale's in which mirrored walls surrounded a very large bottle of Chanel Noir. Visuals were reflected off the mirrors to enhance the shopper's experience. The label of the bottle was built with a transparent LCD screen: we displayed graphics on the label that would intermittently become transparent, revealing a holographic life-size bottle of Chanel Noir inside. It was the first time the Chanel US team had taken on an interactive installation of this scale. Unfortunately, we were not able to document the inside of the installation.

Product Campaigns

We re-interpreted global campaigns for the US market. These were distributes through online properties and in-store displays.


We also produced interactive microsites to promote the launch of certain brands, some of which were subsequently distributed worldwide and translated into 18 languages.

Web App

Chanel's creative department needed a system to manage its internal projects more effectively. We built out a custom project management app to help them track deliverables, streamline communication and foster greater accountability.

Strategic Consulting

In addition to providing creative direction on a number of projects, I was hired to attend conferences like SXSW and C2MTL to help Chanel's creative leadership better understand upcoming trends and how they might leverage them effectively for future campaigns.

See.Me is a SaaS platform designed to support artists. They hired The Flux and brought me onboard as their creative director. The intention was to build a new type of social network where artists could generate revenue from their work. I redesigned the app from the ground up, worked on marketing activations, and supported the CEO with fundraising, pitching the company with him to numerous West Coast and NYC based VCs.

Product Design

When I came in, the company was still refining its product-market fit. Its business model centered around competitions which proved difficult to scale. We redesigned the platform to put a stronger emphasis on showcasing creators' work and giving them tools to grow their audience. From there we built additional ways for them to monetize their art through plug-and-play productization (putting their art on posters, t-shirts, postcards, etc.).


Live events were also a big driver in their efforts to grow the their community of artists and patrons. We produced some larger-scale activations like the one above in Times Square where hundreds of creators' works were displayed on the billboards, and more intimate ones at's own art gallery in NYC.

Future of Storytelling Summit

The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) is a passionate community of people from the worlds of media, technology, and communications who are exploring how storytelling is evolving in the digital age. The Flux was brought in to provide artist direction and strategic input for their 2013 event. The event was invite only and comprised intimate workshops with creators, traditional speaker talks, and an arcade featuring cutting edge technology (VR, Google Glass...). Speakers included Chris Milk (Co-Founder/CEO of Supernatural & Within), Angela Ahrendts (Former SVP Apple Retail, CEO Burberry), Felix Barrett (Artistic Director of Punchdrunk), and Robert Wong (VP of Google Creative Lab).

The Feast Summit

The Feast is a global community dedicated to creating social impact. The Flux worked on the global strategy, all creative direction, and provided production support for event. Participants included Paul Farmer (Founder of Partners in Health), Beth Comstock (GMO of GE), James Adams (Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA), Arcade Fire, Gillian Ferrabee (Creative Director at Cirque du Soleil), and corporate partners whom we worked closely with such as Microsoft, Intel, NBC, and Absolut.

Feast Events

We supported the client with the design and production of 3 event spaces. The opening night was held at the the Museum of Natural History, the main event was at Eye Beam, and the closing party / dinner was held at a warehouse previously situated at the Essex Market in the Lower East Side. Contributions included producing all web assets (website, social, etc.), signage for the events, workshop design, overseeing production of the dinner / party on the closing night.

Feast Diners

The main event was livestreamed to participants around the world who were hosted their own mini events, using the main conference to prompt workshops and discussion. The initiative was produced along side Microsoft who partnered with the Feast to built out the platform needed to support the initiative.

Feast Hackathons

The Feast partnered with Intel to host a hackathon designed to create apps for underserved communities. Participants were asked to support urban seniors and low income moms. These stakeholders were interviewed to create robust persona outlines which served as the foundation to the whole exercise. Participants included top NYC tech talent from Google, Twitter, etc. Prototypes generated from the event served as exploration and R&D for Intel's internal teams.

Fonderie 47

Fonderie 47 is a unique company that buys and melts down AK-17 to make high-end jewelry. The Flux stepped in to rebuilt their online presence before the launch of their Principle Watch.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is an online nutrition school based in NYC. We supported this client with product design and development for years. Projects included their main front-facing website and robust web apps for their thousands of students to promote and manage their individual coaching practices (custom website builder, logo generator, client management app).

Other work