AI Learnings & Explorations



I'm very curious about AI. There are a bunch of new tools coming out all the time. It feels like we're getting new Lego blocks to play with. I'm excited to see how they can be put together to build new and interesting products and services.


AI Assistant for Community Building

I'm a fellow in Climate Vine. I'm currently leading an AI initiative with a group of members that's building an AI agent with low-code tools (Voiceflow, Stack AI, Notion, Airtable, Make...) that can help connect it's community of 300+ members with information, resources, and with other community members who can support them with challenges they're currently working through.

AI for Business Mini-MBA

I completed a Mini-MBA with Section looking at how organizations should think about integrating AI into their operations, services, and products. It was a helpful primer in understanding how to think about AI strategically and most importantly, how to get buy-in from stakeholders in an organization to get projects funded and off the ground. I find it fascinating to think about how a lot of this comes down to building trust given how new and unproven these technologies are.

AI Learning Assistant

I've been experimenting with building AI assistants to learn about AI and climate change issues. My first prototype was built on a platform called Voiceflow and the second on The assistant provides answers pulling from a knowledge base comprised of the Carbon Removal Primer book as well as other news sources like Canary Media and IEA. Try the demo here.

Other work